News (To end 2017)

2013 is here!

Published 1 Aug 2012 by Krys

The first event of the season will be underway in Hamilton early in February, the annual 3 on 3 tournament. A reminder to contact the club with your entries so you don't miss out.

A list of new season documents will be added as they become available, please check them out or request information if you cant find it here.

Clubs have been advised of changes to the playing rules, the new manual will be available shortly. An interpretation document is available from clubs, referee committee, the NZIHA and online.

Special Note: For goaltenders, if you are purchasing NEW gear this year check out the new size restrictions on goaltender protective gear. Currently owned equipment does not need to conform to the new measurements if purchased prior to this notice. However if purchasing new gear you should ensure the new measurements apply. Known local suppliers have been advised of the new specifications.