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Medal Winners of the 2013 National Championships

Published 5 Oct 2013 by Krys
Event Information

New Zealand Inline Hockey National Championships are over for another year. This is the 18th year the event has been hosted by the NZIHA.

Fifty-one teams were hosted in 2013, with 168 games being played over a nine day event. Long days and late nights, but thrilling games for everyone. Large number of players and spectators gave the event a welcome boost.

The skills competition proved very successful and provided an opportunity for a fun and relaxed one on one competition for our athletes. It is hoped next year to have some sponsorship providing prizes for the best "sniper", "fastest skater" and "goalie" in the grades attending.

Overall Medal Placings

Under 10: 1st Renegades, 2nd Panthers, 3rd Ravens

Under 12: 1st Devils, 2nd Ravens, 3rd Panthers

Under 14: 1st Devils, 2nd Panthers, 3rd Ravens

Under 16: 1st Penguins, 2nd Ravens, 3rd Devils

Under 18: 1st Penguins, 2nd Ravens, 3rd Renegades

Senior: 1st Renegades, 2nd Mustangs, 3rd Devils

Women: 1st Devils, 2nd Panthers, 3rd Renegades

Premier: 1st Sabres, 2nd Penguins, 3rd Ravens