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Team Update from China

Published 2 Sep 2017 by IHNZ NZ Teams Update
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The teams have experienced a new culture and climate not to mention the long journeys by bus or taxi to get anywhere. The rink can take up to 75 minutes in a bus. The traffic is a mixture of buses / scooters / cars / bikes and trucks all going at an unbelievable pace that can only be describes as coordinated chaos.

The courtesy of drivers, near misses, and speeds of local traffic are quite remarkable.

More to be added as the access allows.


Game Results/ Live Scoring for Inline Hockey can be followed here

All teams are now in Nanjing with the final game for NZ Junior Women playing for bronze tomorrow. The NZ Junior Men played Namibia today finishing in 12 place.

The access online is fraught with issues, so bear with us while we attempt to update as best we can. The address above to game results is the best place to view results and follow games. Live streaming is supposed to start today, but it was unclear if this was both rinks or only rink 1.